High Quality Glossy Ltd Print
ASCENDING' from the Original OILS on Canvas Painting.
My signature Artwork. I originally completed this artwork in Pastels/Charcoal. Then went on to tackle it in oils!
This, to me, depicts Achievement..going up in all meanings of life. It has a very positive message and meaning.
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Also printed on reverse.
Size: 6" x 8"
£ 12


Ltd Print Mounted and FRAMED
Size: 10" x 8"
  £25 FRAMED

The perfect accompanying gift..
Apx 6" x 8" front. Quality Gloss Card Stock. With Envelope.
Frame up as a print after use!
£3.25 each
  £3.25 CARD
Sorry out of stock atm
There will be no watermarking/writing/codes on your purchased artwork.
Postage for your pictures is only one flat rate of £3.99 for any artworks! and then completely Free if you spend over £35 :)
Any questions, please just ask.
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